How to Recalibrate the Home Button of Our iPad

How to Recalibrate the Home Button of Our iPad

We all know that one of the great advantages that current devices have is having a single mechanical button, the Home button in the case of the iPad, but in addition to being a virtue, it can be a problem in the event that said device is fail, as it is the only key to fall back on in case something goes wrong in the normal operation of the operating system.

Recalibrate the Home Button of Our iPad

We may not stop to think about it at any time, but how many times is the Home button on your iPad pressed throughout the day? Well imagine now that it breaks down, or what is more common, loses its calibration, since like all mechanical elements it needs to be calibrated. At that moment you see how you cannot return from an open application, or open the recent application’s dock. Before sending the iPad in for service, let’s try recalibrating this item.

Recalibrate the Home Button: Calibrated Method

We open an application that comes by default on the iPad, such as contacts, photos, calendar, etc.
With this application open, we must press the button at the top of the iPad (the one that puts the device in sleep mode) until the shutdown slider appears.

At that moment and without releasing the button at the top, we press the Home button of our iPad until it restarts by itself, at the moment the screen turns off we can release the buttons that we are pressing and wait for the tablet complete the power-up process. Once you get to the main desktop, the Home button should be perfectly calibrated again.

In the event that the malfunction persists, we must also try to clean the inner edge of the button since it is susceptible to accumulating dirt and dust.

Of course, if the malfunction continues to show, it’s time to call for service. It may happen that the warranty has run out and you do not consider replacing the key for fear of the price of the repair, we propose a solution that you can apply to replace the use of the Home button with multi-touch gestures.

Replace the Home button with Multi-Touch Gestures

We just go to Settings / General / Accessibility / Assistive Touch and at the moment of activating it, a virtual button will appear that, in addition to other functionalities, will give access to pressing the Home button on the screen. It will completely change the way we interact with the device, but at least we can continue to use it until we can repair the physical button.

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