Pope Francis Outreach Center

We exist to demonstrate the power of God through the love and giving of His faithful servants. As the years have gone by, the demographics of Congress Heights and Anacostia have changed. The area is less Catholic and our parish is smaller and older, yet the needs of our neighbours have grown. A 35% poverty rate and high unemployment in our community mean that the Pope Francis Outreach Center is needed now more than ever before in our almost fifty-year tradition. While it was once easy for the parish to support the needs of those around us, it is now one of our greatest challenges and concerns. We invite you to join us in partnership to support the work of feeding and clothing those in need.

Guided by Catholic social teaching, The Church of the Assumption established the Helping Hand Program in 1967 to meet the growing socio-economic needs of our neighbours in tumultuous times for our nation’s capital. On August 13th, 2014, the Helping Hand Program was rededicated and Blessed as the Pope Francis Outreach Center.

Without federal or District of Columbia support, we are in great need of support from like-minded individuals committed to the social teachings of our faith. We invite you to join us as we strive to fulfil Jesus’ command to preach the Gospel by serving those in need. All of us at The Church of the Assumption would be grateful for your monetary gift, donation of food or clothing, and especially for your prayers to our Good Lord who continues to bless and guide the life and work of our humble parish and the Pope Francis Outreach Center.


Our year-round food pantry is open three days a week for those struggling to put bread on the table. We also provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner baskets that reach 3,000 children and seniors.


We accept gently used clothing donations and provide a clothes closet for those in need. Items include adult and children sizes and are seasonally updated. The Clothing Closet is open three days a week. If you are interested in donating, please call the Outreach Center at 202-561-5941 to verify what season of clothing items we are accepting.


We extend God’s gift of love to residents of Ward 8 by providing the basic necessities of life to those with the greatest needs. There are always more requests than resources, but we never give up hope. Our Outreach Center has a small chapel where the pastor is frequently available for a blessing.